WP Mail Plugin

WP Mail Plugin
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WP Mail Plugin

WP Mail is simply a wp network mail or message system. User can send mail or messages to other users over one wp network.
Wp Mail Plugin for WordPress is the one perfect Plugin to get all the users connected with the Backend mailing. It works like a charm. Assign work to the editors and writers with WordPress wp mail plugin. For ex. you have a news site, auto, tech blog with lot of users working for you and you have to assign work to all then wp mail plugin is for you. You can send attachments, content updates, reminders etc all for free.

Pro Version: In pro version you can do lot more than free version of wp mail plugin. In paid or pro version you get option to make an embeded code that you can embed on any other wordpress website and get mail in your main Inbox. For ex. You have a website, or company website and have a another business website then paste the code in contact us page, support page or any other page to get the mail directly into main worpdress admin page.

Pro Plus Features

  • Put embed code on ay website
  • Get instant support
  • Use embeded code on unlimited websites


How to Install

  1. Download the plugin – Here
  2. Install it in WordPress then Activate
  3. Using Cpanel: Upload in Plugins directory > unzip,
  4. Then Activate it in WordPress Plugins

Create new user or give a signup form on your site frontend.

Create new user or give a signup form on your site frontend

Go to login screeen and login with your credentials.

Click on Compose button to compose a mail to any of your wordpress register user. You should know email of user.

Check sent mail menu, Mail sent or Not.

This is receiver’s inbox. Receiver can see new email in inbox.

Email view screen. You can read full message here. Also download attachment if received. You can also make a quick reply to sender.

How to upload attachment – when click on Upload Attachment button in compose mail section this window will appear. You can drag and drop your attachment here.

Then click on attachment then this window will appear. Then click on * File URL Button to get attachment path or url. Then after this click on * Insert into Post.