Sticky Headers Plugin

Sticky Headers Plugin
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Sticky Headers Plugin

Sticky Header Plugin for WordPress is the best plugin to stick or fix the header or menu if your theme didn’t support that. There is no need to do coding in theme editor, you just need sticky header plugin. You can easily download the Sticky Header WordPress plugin to make you menu fixed on top. Apart from fixed menu you can make custom colour, height and width according to your preference.


How to Install

  1. Download the plugin
  2. Install it in WordPress then Activate
  3. Using Cpanel: Upload in Plugins directory > unzip,
  4. Then Activate it in WordPress Plugins

How to set Sticky Headers Settings

Find Class or ID of the current header add it to the settings and add few more settings accordingly

See sticky or fixed header on your website


Q. Where to find Sticky Headers in WordPress admin menu?
Ans. In WordPress admin menu find Sticky Headers, click and this is setting page.

Q. How Can I Add Sticky Headers to my website?
Ans. Copy the current header’s id or class along with ‘#’ and ‘.’ respectively.

Q. Can I change Sticky Header’s background and text colors?
Ans. Yes, You can choose any background color and text color from Sticky Header’s settings page.

Q. Can I adjust Sticky Header height?
Ans. Yes, Go to Sticky Header setting page then do the changes.