WP File Manager Plugin

WP File Manager Plugin
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WP File Manager Plugin

File Manager Plugin for WordPress: Now you have the feature to edit, delete, download, copy-paste, upload files directly from your wordpress admin dashboard area. This Wp File Manager plugin will help you to get your plugins, themes and core files like .htacess, robots.txt at admin area of wordpress. Without FTP or without doing login in your hosting account you can acess all the files with one click after installing the File Manager plugin.

Wp File Manager Plugin

We are working hard to provide you the best and unseen plugin features. So lets know more about the Wp File Manager plugin by Webdesi9. There is no need to configure settings. You only need to download the plugin, install and activate.

File Manager Features

  1. Edit your .htaccess, robots.txt files.
  2. Make changes in Themes, Plugins.
  3. No upload limit.
  4. Rename, delete, copy-paste any file.
  5. Archive any file(Zip file) and download to local drive.
  6. No cPanel and FTP account needed.
  7. No hosting account details needed.


  1. Download the Wp File Manager – Here (link of wordpress.org plugin page)
  2. Upload as Zip file in cPanel (Plugin directory)
  3. Install and Activate
  4. Search and Install form WordPress plugin page
  5. Click to Activate

This is the easy and simple procedures to activate plugin with no requirement of hosting account details or any FTP account.


Q.1 This plugin help to download files to local drive?
Ans. Yes, You can archive any files and folders as zip then simple download to local drive.

Q.2 Can I edit files: .htaccess, .php, .css, .js?
Ans. Yes, You can edit any type of core files or hidden files, without login in hosting account.

Q.3 Do i need any permissions to edit files?
Ans. Yes, You need writable permissions (ie: 755)

Q.4 Can i upload any type of files?
Ans. Yes, you can upload any file without any limit.

Q.5 Do i need FTP account to login or to activate plugin?
Ans. No, This plugin work without any hosting or cPanel account details.