Track Page Scroll

Track Page Scroll
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Track Page Scroll

This is the best plugin for tracking. Track Scroll Page Plugin will help you to get the Depth insights for your website/events. Integrate it with Google Analytics make a event and track readers through out the landing page or any other pages.


How to Install

  1. Download the plugin
  2. Install it in WordPress then Activate
  3. Using Cpanel: Upload in Plugins directory
  4. unzip, then Activate it in WordPress Plugins

How to Insert Code for Tracking With Screenshot

Find Class or ID for Page you want to Track

Click on add New Link

Add class then GTM UA Number

This is shortcode Page

Add shortcode on particular page or post you want to track

Login into google account: then Events > then event report

Screenshot of ArticleLoaded, StartReading, ContentBottom or PageBottom

View engagement actions for individual content in Google Analytics

Average amount of time it takes to interact with content

Measure traffic sources based on actual reading metrics

Get some deeper insights by segmenting reading data based on category

Working with content engagement data in Excel is really powerful


Q. How to Get the GTM or Google Analytics Unique ID?
Ans. You have to login in the google GTM or Google Analytics to get the Unique Code Or UID.

Q. How Can I Put the Code on Sevrel Pages?
Ans. If You Have the Same Page ID for the Pages/Events then you can use generated short code with same page ID.

Q. What differnce is in the Paid Plugin?
Ans. You have to put the code manually in free version but in paid you can select the page you want to insert the code.